About us

We are a Yorkshire based creative arts retreat who provide creative residential courses for those looking for an accessible way to experience a range of new and exciting arts activities.

We also welcome larger groups, parties, businesses or educational groups who are maybe looking for a unique team building experience or perhaps just a reason to get together. Our retreats are unique in their no experience required, inclusive approach.

Set in idyllic locations, The Creativity Retreat is designed to restore, excite and engage all who attend through an innovative programme of activities, whilst providing much needed relaxation time in the natural surroundings, with options to join in on other activities such as morning meditation, healthy eating menus and light exercise such as yoga.

With some extremely talented artists, The Creativity Retreat can provide a tailored, unique experience that will give everyone the taste for creativity. Simply contact us  if you have something special in mind.

The Creativity Retreat was set up by Lottie, a music psychologist, music teacher and community musician, who has extensive experience of working with large groups accessing the arts, from 5-90 year olds! Lottie developed The Creativity Retreat with The Princes Trust on their Enterprise Programme, with the help of specialist mentoring and advice.

As well as teaching, managing and developing music projects you can often find Lottie crafting at home, trying something new. Growing up, Lottie was always creating things with her family, from art projects to making epic sandcastles and usually found in the kitchen with Grandma. This is part of the whole ethos at The Creativity Retreat, getting creative in good company, enjoying the beauty of the outdoors and a feeling of togetherness.

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